❛❛ About RockTek ❜❜

Since 2012, RockTek, formerly the R&D team of AUO Group in Taiwan, has been striving to achieve the goal of shortening the distance between consumers and their cell phones, mobile devices, computers, game consoles, digital keyboards, or home entertainment systems with a wide range of interface products. Our vision is distributed in every corner of the world, and we will continue to develop better, more efficient, and more convenient products and provide consumers with a more satisfying experience. RockTek sincerely invites you to enjoy the convenience and comfortability of technology.

❛❛ The Leading Brand of OTT TV Box in Taiwan. ❜❜

First AI intelligence voice TV box launched in Taiwan. Self-developed RT UI interface more suitable for TV users and integrated all major OTT legal platforms in one; G1 Android TV box by Google authorized , you can automatically upgrade Android TV system.

❛❛ From Vision to Audio ❜❜

RockTek (OTT) brings the living room into the 4K HDR quality, creating the best quality and fascinating sound for everyone; through the RockTek Audio series product SP01, enjoy the powerful speakers full of solid and organized sound, and do every part with care to create a high-quality audio product.


❛❛ Our Missions ❜❜


Integrating the latest technology to bring consumers more convenient and intelligent product applications.


From component selection to production, we strictly control every process, insisting on the best quality.


We consider the perspective of the users and provide the best combination of aesthetic quality and other applications.


We care for every one of our consumers, as our family and friends.

❛❛ History & Evolution ❜❜


2014 — First OTT TV box launched.
2015 — Import wireless Air mouse remote control.
2016 — RockTek start corporate with LiTV channel.
2017 — RockTek set a record by sold out 3000 pcs TV box in three days. Become a well-known brand in Taiwan.
2018 — Preference ranking Top 3 in Taiwan on the internet.
2018 — First AI built – in X5 TV box launched.
2019 — RockTek collborate with Bandott Plus, creating the most completely OTT platform in Taiwan.
2020 — First Android TV box with Google certificated.

❛❛ Contact Us ❜❜
Service Hotline :    +886-4-762-9935
Business Hours :    9:30~12:00,13:30~18:00,Mon.~Fri.
For Business: :    biz@rocktek.com.tw
For Service :    support@rocktek.com.tw
Location :   16F, No.184, Zhongyang Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County, 50056 Taiwan